Launch a visually appealing newsletter and blog with Macaw. This premium Ghost theme offers clean layouts, customization options, and newsletter integration tools. Grow your audience and showcase your content in style.


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Imagine a Ghost theme purposely built to help you grow your audience and turn readers into paying subscribers. That’s the idea behind Macaw – a theme focused on content presentation, newsletter integration, and member-only features.

Feature Overview

Let’s explore what makes Macaw unique:

  • Newsletter-First Design: Features like a prominent newsletter signup form and tasteful content previews entice readers to subscribe.
  • Beautiful Post Layouts: Keep visitors engaged with visually appealing post designs and layouts emphasizing readability.
  • Membership Functionality: Seamlessly create member-only content (both free and paid) to build a loyal community.
  • Table of Contents: Improve navigation for longer articles with an auto-generated table of contents feature.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Helps ensure your content ranks well in search engines, maximizing its visibility.
  • Customization Options: Change fonts, colours, and layouts with a few clicks – no coding knowledge required.

A Deeper Look at Macaw

Let’s examine a couple of its standout features:

  • Newsletter-First Design: Macaw understands that building an email list is crucial for long-term success. It helps convert casual readers into subscribers.
  • Membership Functionality: If you plan to monetize your content or build a community, Macaw provides the necessary tools.

Getting Started with Macaw

Ready to try Macaw? You can purchase the theme directly from Once you have it, the setup is straightforward:

  1. Install and Activate: Navigate to your Ghost admin panel and upload the Macaw theme. Then, activate it to apply it to your site.
  2. Customize: Play with the various customization options to fine-tune the look and feel of Macaw to match your vision.

Who Should Use Macaw?

Macaw is an outstanding choice for:

  • Newsletter Publishers: Its focus on email list growth and content delivery makes it a powerful tool for newsletter-driven websites.
  • Bloggers Aiming for Monetization: Create exclusive content, premium newsletters, or other membership offerings to generate income.
  • Writers Focused on Readability: Macaw’s clean design puts your content front and centre, helping visitors stay immersed in your writing.
  • Anyone Who Needs Membership Features: If you want a beautiful theme with membership functionality baked in, Macaw is a compelling option.


Macaw is a Ghost theme that’s more than just a pretty face. It’s built to help you turn your content into a sustainable business by growing your audience and offering premium membership options. If you’re serious about building an email list or monetizing your blog, Macaw provides the features you need to succeed.


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