Episode: A responsive Ghost theme for podcasters, featuring membership options and customizable styles.
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Think of Episode as a Ghost theme built for podcasters who want a website as polished as their audio content. It provides a streamlined blogging platform and emphasizes showcasing your episodes beautifully and user-friendly.

Feature Overview

Let’s explore some of the elements that make the Episode special:

  • Podcast-Focused Features: These features are designed to prominently display your site’s podcast episodes, show notes, and other podcasting content.
  • Clean, Minimalist Design: Generous spacing and a focus on your content keep readers and listeners engaged.
  • Optimized for Reading: Ensures your blog posts and show notes are as easy to read as your podcast is to listen to.
  • Membership Ready: Monetize your content by seamlessly integrating with Ghost’s membership features to create premium content experiences.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This helps ensure your written and audio content ranks well in search results, maximizing potential viewership and listenership.
  • Free to Use: Episode doesn’t cost a thing, making it a budget-friendly way to showcase your podcast.

A Deeper Look at Episode

Let’s unpack a couple of its key features:

  • Podcast-Focused Features: Episode makes integrating your podcast with your website accessible, turning it into a hub for your audio show.
  • Clean, Minimalist Design: Nothing distracts from your show episodes, keeping the focus on your audio content.

Getting Started with Episode

Ready to try the Episode? You’ll find it as a free, official Ghost theme at https://openurl.dev/episode for installation. Once you have it, the setup is straightforward:

  1. Please install and Activate: Navigate to your Ghost admin panel, locate and install the Episode. Then, activate it to apply it to your site.
  2. Set Up Memberships (optional): If you want to create paid content tiers, configure your membership options.
  3. Integrate Your Podcast: Episode supports easy integrations for your podcast episodes and show notes.

Who Should Use Episode?

Episode is a fantastic choice for:

  • Podcasters of Any Experience Level: Whether you’re starting a podcast or a seasoned pro, Episode has the necessary tools.
  • Writers Who Want to Accompany Their Podcast: Seamlessly combine blogging with your audio content.
  • Creators on a Budget: Episode offers a powerful podcast publishing platform for free, making it cost-effective.
  • Anyone Aiming for a Polished, Professional Look: Episode’s design is simple but elegant, ensuring a polished web presence.


Episode is a Ghost theme that understands the unique needs of podcasters. Its dedicated podcast features, clean design, and free price tag make it a perfect choice for showcasing your audio content alongside supporting blog posts or show notes. If you want to create a beautiful website for your podcast, Episode offers an easy and robust solution.



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