Source is a free Ghost theme designed for bloggers who want maximum speed and SEO results. Its minimal design, clean code, and focus on performance help your Ghost site rank higher in search results. Enjoy a streamlined setup process and the flexibility to customize your blog's look and feel.


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Think of Source as your Ghost website’s trusty toolbox. It’s a versatile and well-crafted theme designed to streamline the process of launching your blog or online publication. While simple, Source packs enough customization options and features to grow alongside your needs.

Feature Overview

Let’s explore what makes Source a compelling choice:

  • Clean and Functional Design: A focus on readability with a modern, uncluttered aesthetic.
  • Customization Options: Tweak colours, fonts, and essential layout elements to add your unique touch.
  • Membership Ready: Seamlessly integrate Ghost’s membership features to create premium content experiences.
  • Newsletter Integration: Connect your preferred email marketing platform and expand your audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Built with SEO best practices to help your content gain visibility.
  • Free and Automatic Updates: Source gets better quickly as the official Ghost theme, and updates are a breeze.

A Closer Look at Source

Let’s examine a couple of its standout features:

  • Clean and Functional Design: Source strikes a balance between providing a modern look and ensuring your content is the show’s real star.
  • Membership Ready: If you plan to offer paid subscriptions or member-only content, Source seamlessly integrates with Ghost’s powerful membership features.

Getting Started with Source

The best part about Source is that it comes pre-installed with all new Ghost sites! Here’s how to make it your own:

  1. Customize: Explore the theme settings in your Ghost admin area to personalize colours, fonts, and basic layout options.
  2. Create Content: Start publishing your excellent articles, stories, or news updates! The Source will present them beautifully using its clean layout.

Who Should Use Source?

Source is an excellent choice for a wide variety of users:

  • New Ghost Bloggers: Source makes it easy to get a great-looking site up and running quickly, letting you focus on writing unique content.
  • News and Publications: Its clean layout and readable design are perfect for sharing news with the world.
  • Membership Websites: Quickly create membership tiers and premium content experiences for your audience.
  • Anyone Who Likes Things Simple (But Powerful): If you want a solid, reliable foundation for your website, Source delivers.


The Source is more than a default theme—it’s a carefully designed starting point for building your perfect Ghost website. Whether you’re just starting out or have specific needs, Source’s flexibility and range of features make it an attractive choice. And since it’s free and automatically included with Ghost, why not try it and see how Source can transform your online presence?



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