Writely is a modern, fully customizable Ghost theme with sleek design for personal/company blogs and publications.
📆 Released on 2022-12-12
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Think of Writely as a Ghost theme for those prioritizing a distraction-free writing and reading experience. With a focus on clean layouts, exceptional typography, and subtle design touches, Writely ensures a focus on the written word.

Feature Overview

Let’s explore some of the elements that make Writely special:

  • Exceptional Focus on Readability: Generous spacing, carefully chosen typography, and an emphasis on content presentation.
  • Multiple Reading Layouts: Provides layout options catering to different reading preferences.
  • Customization Options: Adapt the theme’s look and feel with various colour and typography settings.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Helps ensure your content ranks well in search engines, maximizing its visibility.
  • Membership Ready: Monetize your content by seamlessly integrating with Ghost’s membership features to create premium content experiences.
  • Focus on Long-Form Writing: Designed around showcasing in-depth essays and articles.
  • Elegant, Understated Design: A minimalist aesthetic that puts your writing at the forefront.

A Deeper Look at Writely

Let’s unpack a couple of its key features:

  • Exceptional Focus on Readability: Writely is about making the reading experience seamless and enjoyable.
  • Multiple Reading Layouts: Offering different layout options gives your readers agency in consuming your content.

Getting Started with Writely

Ready to try Writely? You can purchase the theme directly from https://openurl.dev/writely. Once you have it, the setup is straightforward:

  1. Install and Activate: Navigate to your Ghost admin panel and upload the Writely theme. Then, activate it to apply it to your site.
  2. Customize: Play with the available customization options to tailor the look and feel to reflect your style and brand.

Who Should Use Writely?

Writely is an excellent choice for:

  • Serious Writers: If your primary focus is on long-form writing, Writely’s emphasis on readability is a compelling choice.
  • Publications Craving a Refined Aesthetic: This theme has ‘magazine’ written all over it, perfect for sites aiming for a polished look.
  • Minimalists: Writely’s clean lines and muted design will resonate with those who favour a distraction-free experience.
  • Anyone Who Favors Elegant Typography: Writely understands that how words look matters!


Writely is a Ghost theme for those who believe in the power of excellent writing and a refined reading experience. Its exceptional focus on typography and layout, minimalist design, and customizable options make it perfect for anyone who wants to present their written work with sophistication. If you’re looking for a theme that puts your words front and centre in a beautiful package, Writely is a strong contender.



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