Tuuli: A personal blog & writing Ghost theme, perfect for engaging storytelling with a clean, minimalist design.
📆 Released on 2022-8-4
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Dark Mode

Tuuli Premium Ghost CMS Theme Template by BironThemes for Travel Personal with Multiple Color Home page on Themeforest Ghost Marketplace 2 1 Tuuli Premium Ghost CMS Theme Template by BironThemes for Travel Personal with Multiple Color Home page on Themeforest Ghost Marketplace 3 1

Skyblue / Midnight

Tuuli Premium Ghost CMS Theme Template by BironThemes for Travel Personal with Multiple Color Home page on Themeforest Ghost Marketplace 5 1 Tuuli Premium Ghost CMS Theme Template by BironThemes for Travel Personal with Multiple Color Home page on Themeforest Ghost Marketplace 4 1

Our Thoughts

Tuuli is a beautiful, minimalist Ghost theme developed by Biron Themes. It’s perfect for content creators and bloggers looking for a premium theme to make their site look great. I was impressed with the design of Tuuli and how easy it was to use. If you’re looking for a new Ghost theme, check out Tuuli!


The perfect way to create a personal or company blog is with the Tuuli Ghost theme. It features a customizable hero section and posts feed, so you can choose the option that best matches your style. From many post layouts to custom settings that come with the theme, it’s easy to adapt to any scenario. With its clean and modern form, you can change your design in just a few clicks to fit your style and make your content stand out. The Tuuli Ghost theme will allow you to create the perfect blog for whatever type of content you need in no time.

Homepage Customization

The homepage of the Tuuli theme for Ghost CMS provides users with a hero section to showcase their most recent article, featuring individual posts and tags in an easily customizable layout. This hero section is positioned on the left side by default, but you can customize it to either be full-width or on the right. Having an eye-catching hero section will attract viewers immediately. At the same time, other featured posts and tags can be set in your order and fashion, giving you complete control over the look of your website. Plus, you can choose which tags you want to highlight on the homepage for easy access and organization. You also have the added flexibility of setting your CTA however works best for your needs.

theme customization options

Tuuli Ghost CMS theme offers plenty of customization options for your website. Set your preferred color scheme from light, dark, midnight, and ivory to sky blue, or customize the font family to one that fits your style. You can also choose a background accent or set the header style to regular, sticky, or floating. Additionally, you can opt for a native search engine or one that is custom-fit to serve your website better. And no setup is needed, as you can install custom routes for membership pages or the Portal with just one click. Lastly, there’s either a native comment system by Ghost or custom comment platforms like Cove or Disqus. With the Tuuli Ghost CMS theme, you can create your own beautiful and engaging website in no time!

Custom Pages

Tuuli Ghost Blog theme offers extraordinary custom page capabilities. It provides custom Tag and Author templates for custom pages that show all Tags and Authors and a custom Archive page. This page will include all posts grouped by the month it was published, making it easy to navigate through content archives. Tuuli also comes with a custom Membership page and Sign in, Signup, and Account pages so that users can customize their online membership experience. With Tuuli’s custom page capabilities, users can control their blog’s look and feel like never before.

Custom post templates

Tuuli Ghost theme has several custom post templates that allow users to customize the layout and enhance their posts quickly. The default template is a simple layout with a wide feature image, post title, and information. For those looking for more, With Background Image template offers the feature image in the background with the post title and information over it, while With Full-Width Background Image displays a full-width feature image in the background. Another option is With Image On Side, which shows the feature image on the right side (on desktop) with the post title and information on the left. With Narrow Image offers a similar default layout but with a narrow feature image (same width as the post content). For users looking to incorporate additional features, With Sidebar includes a sidebar next to post content which may have links to featured posts or the latest posts. Finally, With Table Of Contents And Sidebar shows off a fixed table of contents on one side while featuring a sidebar next to it. These custom post templates are also set up to support a table of contents (TOC).

Ghost Editor cards

The Tuuli Ghost theme provides an advanced set of features for users of Markdown. Markdown cards allow users to create content in Markdown format, while Bookmark Cards make sharing external resources from around the web more accessible. Further, Gallery Cards create attractive photo galleries and use Image cards for regular, wide, and full-width images, while GIFs are also easily created using the GIF Card feature. Buttons can be added quickly with Button Cards, and NFT embeds too. For more creativity, the Callout Card offers alternative quote styling, and advanced Product Cards are perfect for selling products online! Finally, podcasts and videos can be easily shared through Audio and Video Cards, respectively, a File Card makes sharing downloadable files a breeze, and Header Cards add titles or subtitles to sections.

Translation Ready

The Tuuli Ghost theme is translation ready so you can use it for multiple languages. By default, everything is in English, but when you install the theme, it includes German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish translations. This great feature allows you to create a website in other languages apart from English if you want to reach an international audience. It’s a fantastic way to make sure your readers understand your content perfectly and they can communicate with your website content more effectively.

Additional Features

Ghost theme Tuuli has some great integrated features which make setting up your blog more accessible than ever. With an integrated table of contents (TOC) feature – which can be used either as part of a post template or with an internal tag – this theme is designed to give you all the tools you need with minimal effort. The theme also comes validated against the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG), passing all relevant rules and assuring keyboard navigation throughout. Plus, color contrast recommendations are respected to round out the accessibility package. You can customize your blog’s look easily with six integrated color schemes – dark, light, ivory, midnight, and sky blue. At the same time, full support for the membership feature ensures that you can easily set up customized access tiers immediately. Furthermore, native and custom search options are part of the theme, alongside lazy loading images for better performance. And finally, you can set up either Cove or Disqus custom settings without needing to edit the theme files for further support.


The Tuuli theme is an excellent option for a clean and minimalist design. The installation process is simple, and the theme offers a variety of customization options to help you create a unique look for your blog. The theme also looks great on all devices, so your readers will have a consistent experience no matter how they access your site. If you’re looking for a well-designed and easy-to-use Ghost theme, Tuuli is worth considering. Click the button at the top of this page to get your instant copy now!


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