Take your magazine website to the next level with Synapse, a premium Ghost theme. Synapse offers a perfect blend of modern design, powerful features, and an emphasis on user experience. Create a website that showcases your content beautifully and keeps your readers engaged. Synapse is easy to use and lets you focus on creating compelling content.


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Synapse is a premium theme like Basho and Reiro for blogs and magazines 2 1 Synapse is a premium theme like Basho and Reiro for blogs and magazines 1 1


Picture a Ghost theme built expressly for storytelling. Meet Synapse—a theme designed to highlight your articles, news, or long-form writing with a clean, engaging layout, putting your content at the absolute forefront.

Feature Overview

Let’s explore what makes Synapse unique:

  • Focus on Readability: Generous spacing, beautiful typography, and a clutter-free design help readers focus on your words.
  • Flexible Post Layouts: Choose from different post styles to give each article the perfect visual presentation.
  • Image Galleries: Display your photography or visual work with stunning dedicated galleries.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Built-in with SEO best practices to help your content gain visibility.
  • Newsletter Integration: Connect your favourite email marketing platform to grow your audience.
  • Customization Options: Adapt the theme’s look and feel to match your unique brand.

A Closer Look at Synapse

Let’s examine a couple of its standout features:

  • Focus on Readability: Synapse understands that excellent writing deserves a great presentation. Its clean layout and emphasis on typography help your content shine.
  • Flexible Post Layouts: Synapse lets you tailor the visual style of each article. Whether you need a comprehensive layout for detailed infographics or a minimalist format to let your words do the talking, Synapse has options.

Getting Started with Synapse

Ready to try Synapse? You can purchase it directly from Once you have it, the setup is straightforward:

  1. Install and Activate: Navigate to your Ghost admin panel and upload the Synapse theme. Then, activate it to apply it to your site.
  2. Customize: Play with the various customization options to fine-tune the look and feel of Synapse to match your vision.

Who Should Use Synapse?

Synapse is an outstanding choice for:

  • Long-form Writers: If in-depth articles, essays, and thought leadership pieces are your forte, Synapse provides a beautiful canvas for your work.
  • Online Magazines and Publications: Project a sophisticated editorial style with Synapse’s clean aesthetic.
  • News Websites: Keep readers focused on the news with a layout that prioritizes readability and clarity.
  • Anyone Who Values a Polished, Readable Design: Synapse will resonate with you if you believe great content deserves an equally great presentation.


Synapse is a Ghost theme for those who want their content to take centre stage. It perfectly blends elegant presentation with a focus on the reader’s experience. If you prioritize exceptional readability, this theme is an excellent option for creating a polished, professional blog, news site, or digital magazine.



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