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Reiro: A Multipurpose Ghost blog theme by Fueko

You’re an Amazon Affiliate Marketer, and you’re looking for a theme that will take your business to the next level. You’ve heard great things about Reiro and are eager to look closer.


In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at this Ghost blog theme, explore its features and benefits, and see how it can help you make more money as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer or help a creator aid his life by discovering a larger audience for his digital design and creations.

What Is Reiro?

Reiro is a paid ghost cms theme with a classic look and modern twist. It has been carefully designed and is one of the most popular themes for ghost bloggers. It is perfect for business, design, lifestyle, technology, art, or other disciplines about which you wish to share stories and blogs.


World’s independent Amazon affiliates widely use this template to review products and earn commissions. The theme is clean, lightweight, and compatible with the latest version of Ghost CMS.

Performance of this Ghost Template

Reiro is a paid ghost cms theme scored 88 on Google PageSpeed Insights.

It has a performance grade of A on GTmetrix with a total page size of 1.6 MB and loads in 1.55 seconds. It sends a total of 49 requests which is relatively high. Ideally, it should be less than 20.

It scored 82 on Pingdom with a Performance Grade of B.

Page Quality


Can all users access content and navigate your site effectively?

Best Practices

How healthy is your website's code and whether it follows best practices?


How well can search engines understand the website content?

What Are the Features of this Ghost Blog Theme?

Reiro comes with three color schemes- light, dark and sepia. The theme is translation ready and can be used to create a multilingual website.


It is fully responsive and looks great on all devices. The theme is also responsive to images and videos. The list of template features is extensive compared to free Ghost themes for the Ghost blogging platform.


The next and previous post navigation buttons help users navigate your blog posts easily. You can add multiple quote styles to your posts and pages. Reading time is also included in the post.

Support for the Latest version of Ghost and Koenig Editor

Reiro Ghost CMS template is compatible with the latest Ghost version and uses the newly introduced Koenig Editor cards.


The template has Ghost’s native comments and search function, thus enabling you to allow your readers to comment on your posts easily.


It has additional features such as secondary navigation, featured posts, publication cover images, titles, descriptions, and logos. This theme allows multi-author posts for those who prefer to write articles in collaboration with multiple authors.


This creative theme is suitable for everyone who wants to share their stories with the world. It provides both dark and sepia color options; however, it does not have a toggle switch to switch between them, which could have been a great addition.


Fueko has developed this theme with excellent code quality. It becomes a simple task for a developer to edit the HTML/CSS or Javascript files to customize this theme further.

Dark Mode

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Sepia Mode

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Optimized for Affiliate Marketing

Reiro multipurpose ghost blog theme is an excellent template for Amazon Affiliate Marketers as it has many theme features to increase conversions. It has fantastic support for Koenig Editor, allowing you to insert your affiliate links with product cards. This feature makes it easier for customers to view product details without leaving the page.


You can also easily categorize blog posts under tags and show related posts on one page. This categorization of posts will help your readers make an informed decision when purchasing something using your affiliate links. It also helps to showcase your affiliate products in a better and more organized way.


It also has full support for Ghost Newsletters, so you can easily send new offers and discounts directly to their inbox! These newsletters will increase your reading audience and make them return for more!


And lastly, it is optimized for performance with a score of 88 on Google PageSpeed Insights! It also scored a perfect 100 in Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO Audit.


Please note that you can use any other Ghost template for Amazon Affiliates. Still, many Amazon Affiliates are using this template compared with different templates available on Ghost Marketplace or Themeforest.

Support for Inbuilt Ghost features like Memberships and Subscription

This ghost blog template provides full support for all the new features from their recent update for those who use the Ghost blogging platform. You can now have custom templates for contact, sign-in, subscribe, membership, and more pages, all within your site. This template includes full support for inbuilt Ghost features like the membership and subscription features introduced recently, and you can build a loyal online community for your articles.


You have the power to design different Account pages and Call to Action sections for Members and Paid Members within the same theme.


You can also display Pricing Tables on the Account and Membership page, making it easier for your users to know what they are getting in return.


Last but not least is an FAQ section on the Membership page to clear any doubts about your membership and subscription plans without any distractions or extra effort from you.

Few Missing Features in this paid theme by Fueko

This might be an excellent Ghost template, but it lacks a few features that can be an added advantage. For example, while it is very optimized for performance and scored 88 on Google PageSpeed Insights, with a few more optimizations, the developer can reduce the number of requests and page size to improve the load time to under 1 second.


Also, there’s no toggle mode for changing the color, which the developer can implement for readers who prefer light or dark mode by default. The Ghost Admin settings control this setting.


It would be good if this template could provide multiple layouts for its blogs and homepage. But in all, this template looks beautiful, even without these additional customization options.


Furthermore, the current design for the call to action section in the footer looks good. Still, it could be more eye-catching and visible with a different style.


Also, it does not have options for a Table of Content (TOC), which helps readers navigate posts quickly. However, one can manually create TOCs using HTML or Markdown code in posts with some code editing.


This template also does not provide dedicated sections for advertising. But it should be fine for people not planning to integrate Google AdSense.

Pricing and Conclusion

Now let’s talk about the pricing. It is a paid template available on ThemeForest for $89. If you need to extend your support for one year, you can get it at a minimal price of $31.5 from Fueko. This limited-time offer is something you should take advantage of while it lasts. Also, the theme author releases frequent updates for customers using this template for their publishing needs.


In conclusion, if you need a clean and modern Ghost theme that is lightweight, fast, and great for Amazon Affiliate Marketers, this template, with its prices, features, and options, makes it the perfect choice to add to your collection. Show some love and buy your copy of the template now from ThemeForest.



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