Hansika is a versatile Ghost theme for blogs & magazines! Ideal for company, personal, or multi-author sites. Enjoy light/dark modes, easy setup, & elegant code syntax highlighting.
📆 Released on 2022-10-12
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Hansika Theme Review: Create a Stunning Blog With Ghost CMS

Page Quality


Can all users access content and navigate your site effectively?

Best Practices

How healthy is your website's code and whether it follows best practices?


How well can search engines understand the website content?

Experience Lightning-Fast Performance with the Hansika Ghost Theme

Google PageSpeed Insights Score for Hansika theme
GTMetrix Score for Hansika theme

Prepare to be amazed by the blistering speed of the Hansika Ghost theme, a powerhouse designed to deliver exceptional performance.


In Google PageSpeed Insights, this theme boasts an impressive 98% performance score, alongside perfect scores of 100% in both Best Practices and SEO. These outstanding results ensure that your website will load swiftly and efficiently, providing a seamless browsing experience for your audience.


However, it’s crucial to note that Hansika’s Accessibility score of 75% leaves room for improvement. As the digital world evolves, Accessibility becomes increasingly essential, and enhancing this aspect will ensure your website caters to a broader range of users.


Turning to GTMetrix, the Hansika Ghost theme continues to shine with a perfect 100% Performance score and a near-perfect 97% in Structure. These remarkable results further emphasize the theme’s commitment to delivering a fast and well-organized website.


The Web Vitals scores for this theme are equally impressive, with a lightning-fast Largest Contentful Paint of 636 ms, a minimal Total Blocking Time of 29 ms, and an almost negligible Cumulative Layout Shift of 0.04.


In conclusion, the Hansika Ghost theme is a performance-oriented powerhouse that excels in speed and efficiency, except in Accessibility. By addressing this aspect, you can unlock this theme’s full potential, creating a fast but also inclusive and user-friendly website for all visitors. Embrace the speed of the Hansika Ghost theme and watch your website soar to new heights.

Hansika is a unique theme that offers a myriad of layout options for both your hero sections and individual posts. With its diverse choices, you can create a visually stunning website that captivates your audience and showcases your content most appealingly.


But that’s not all! Hansika takes customization to the next level with its unique Archive pages. Effortlessly organize your posts by year or month, allowing visitors to browse your content easily. This feature enhances user experience and adds a touch of sophistication to your website.


Moreover, Hansika ensures that every aspect of your site is covered with dedicated pages for showcasing all your tags and authors. By providing easy access to these elements, visitors can explore your content more efficiently, keeping them engaged and increasing the chances of return visits.


When it comes to communication, Hansika has got you covered. The theme natively supports Formspree integration, allowing you to embed a sleek and functional contact form without touching a single line of code. This seamless integration ensures your visitors can reach out to you effortlessly, fostering stronger connections and encouraging interaction.


Last, Hansika understands that errors can occur and that handling them gracefully is essential. That’s why the theme includes a custom 404 error page, providing a touch of personality even in unexpected situations. This thoughtful addition demonstrates your attention to detail and commitment to a flawless user experience.

Discover the Magic of Light, Dark & System Mode with This Remarkable Theme

Imagine a theme that adapts to your user’s preferences, offering a truly personalized experience.


Hansika comes with the power of light, dark, and system modes, allowing users to tailor their browsing experience to their liking. This feature enables users to select their preferred color scheme, whether the soothing light mode or the mysterious dark mode.


The brilliance of this theme lies in its ability to remember user preferences. Once visitors choose their desired mode, the theme stores that information locally in their browser. Therefore, they are greeted with their preferred color scheme whenever they return to your site, creating a lasting impression of exceptional user experience.


But wait, there’s more! The theme’s site design settings options allow you to set the default mode for your website. You can choose from three remarkable options:

  • System: This intelligent option detects your users’ system preferences and adjusts the theme mode accordingly. It ensures that your website seamlessly integrates with its existing settings, providing a cohesive browsing experience.
  • Light: Illuminate your website with the radiant light mode. This option sets the default theme mode to light, offering visitors a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Dark: Immerse your users in the enigmatic charm of dark mode. By choosing this option, you set the default theme mode to dark, providing your audience with an intriguing and captivating ambiance.

The power to create a truly customized and memorable experience lies within your hands. Choose one of these three exceptional options and watch as your website transforms into a dynamic and engaging platform that caters to the preferences of each unique visitor. Embrace light and dark magic with this remarkable theme and witness its difference in your users’ experience.

Hansika Premium Ghost Blogging Theme by GBJSolution with Post Layout Archive Tags Authors Pages Buy on Themeforest Ghost Marketplace Gumroad 1 1 Hansika Premium Ghost Blogging Theme by GBJSolution with Post Layout Archive Tags Authors Pages Buy on Themeforest Ghost Marketplace Gumroad Dark Mode

How to Set Up the Hansika Ghost Theme

The Hansika Ghost theme is a versatile and user-friendly theme that offers various customization options for your Ghost website.

This article will walk you through setting up the Hansika Ghost theme, including extracting the theme files, configuring settings, and customizing various elements.

Extracting and Uploading the Theme

To begin, download the Hansika Ghost theme from the official website.

Once you have the zip file, extract it to reveal a folder whose name is similar to the theme. This folder contains the production-ready theme files.

To upload the theme to your Ghost site, create a zip file containing all the files and folders within the extracted folder, then upload it to your Ghost site.

Configuring Theme Settings

The Hansika theme offers several settings options to customize your site. To access these settings, navigate to your Ghost dashboard and go to the Site Design section.

Here, you can configure various options, including:

  • Default theme mode: Choose between light, dark, or auto mode as the default theme mode for your site.
  • Logo: Upload separate logos for light and dark mode backgrounds.
  • Fonts: Select different fonts for titles and body text from the 11 included options.
  • Rounded corners: Enable or disable rounded corners for all elements on your site.
  • Navigation bar type: Choose between sticky-hide, sticky, or normal navigation bar types.

Customizing Your Site

In addition to the settings options, the Hansika theme allows you to customize various elements of your site, including:

  • Home intro section: Choose from four custom intro layouts, add or change headings and descriptions, and enable or disable the email subscription form.
  • Featured posts: Display up to five recent featured posts on the homepage, with the option to change the maximum number of posts.
  • Primary and secondary navigation: Customize the number of visible items in your primary navigation and change the headings for the secondary navigation in the footer.
  • Social links: Add or edit social links in the footer, including Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.
  • Comments: Choose between native Ghost comments or Disqus comments for your site.
  • Code highlighting: Enable code highlighting for technical articles by adding a single line of code to your site’s footer.

Key Takeaways

Hero Style

Comes with four different hero styles for homepage

Dark Mode

Easily toggle between light and dark mode

Post Layouts

Three different post layouts, including table of content

Hansika premium Ghost theme for news magazine website with grid blog card developed by GBJSolution Buy on Themeforest

Code Syntax

Comes with JS library to highlight your code syntax

Archive Page

Archive page comes with option for Monthly or Yearly grouping

Contact Form

Add your own contact form via Formspree

Customer Reviews

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I love this theme and I've been able to do so much! But the best part is the customer support I've been getting as I'm building my site! Superfast response time and when I needed customized support, the developer was able to help me with some custom code to make things work. Highly recommended and feel free to check out how I used it at jeffbonano.com
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I use this theme for a personal blog and membership site. I was migrating across from WordPress, and have no coding knowledge or experience. The deliver was patient - guided me to a code writer and gave me the tools to make my own adjustments to the theme (then helped me out when I got it wrong!) Excellent support and a great theme.
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Great and fast support, GBJ solution helped me within minutes! Everything works fine and looks great. Thank you for this theme and support.
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I use this them for a simple corporate blog and brochure site. When I needed help - the developer was prompt and sincere. He offered me options and gentle advice. Excellent design, and lovely customer service.
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Outstanding customer service. The developer is extremely fast at responding to requests and was very patient with me. I manage a few websites and buy a lot of products online, but the response from this developer genuinely surprised me. He was quick to deals with my requests. Often within a few minutes. And the solutions which he provided always worked. I am new to Ghost although I have used WP for over a decade. So, this helpful developer made my day. Thank you again.
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This theme has all of the features I was looking for in a membership site. The design is beautiful.
Hansika is a versatile Ghost theme for blogs & magazines! Ideal for company, personal, or multi-author sites. Enjoy light/dark modes, easy setup, & elegant code syntax highlighting.
📆 Released on 2022-10-12
🏎️ Performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐
↗️ Live Preview
📑 Changelog
📖 Documentation
📧 Help & Support
Hansika premium Ghost theme for news magazine website with grid blog card developed by GBJSolution Buy on Themeforest

Do We Recommend This Theme?

We wholeheartedly recommend this theme if it aligns with your requirements, as it's an investment you won't regret. This theme is designed to elevate any personal blog to new heights, thanks to its remarkable features and captivating aesthetics. One of the most enticing aspects of this theme is its dark mode, which adds an extra layer of sophistication and user-friendliness. Coupled with the convenience of custom pages, it's a package that's hard to resist. However, we believe in complete transparency, and it's essential to mention that the theme's accessibility scores may not be as high as desired. But don't let that deter you! If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and make the necessary code changes, you can enhance the theme's accessibility to meet your standards.


What is the Hansika Ghost theme?

Hansika is a multipurpose theme for the Ghost blog publishing platform, suitable for company blogs, magazines, and personal blogs.

What are the main features of the Hansika Ghost theme?

The theme offers four different hero layouts, three different post layouts, and supports Ghost comments, Ghost search, and Ghost portal for membership.

Is the Hansika theme responsive and mobile-friendly?

Yes, the Hansika theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

What Ghost version is compatible with the Hansika theme?

Hansika is compatible with Ghost version 5.0 and up.

How do I use the Hansika Ghost theme?

To use the theme, first extract the main downloaded zip file. After extracting, you will find a folder named similar to the theme name. That folder is the production-ready (live site ready) theme.

Where can I purchase the Hansika Ghost theme?

Is there any documentation available for the Hansika Ghost theme?

Yes, you can find the documentation for the Hansika theme at https://gbjsolution.com/documentation/ghost-themes/hansika/

Does the Hansika theme support multiple authors?

Yes, the Hansika theme supports multiple authors.

Can I customize the Hansika theme?

Yes, the theme is highly customizable and offers various options to personalize your website.

Does the Hansika theme support dark mode?

Yes, the Hansika theme supports dark mode.

Is the Hansika theme SEO-friendly?

Yes, the Hansika theme is built with SEO best practices in mind.

Does the Hansika theme support localization?

Yes, the theme supports localization and can be translated into different languages.

What kind of support can I expect after purchasing the Hansika theme?

After purchasing the Hansika theme, you can expect regular updates and dedicated customer support.


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    Hansika Ghost theme is designed to elevate personal blogs with its outstanding features and captivating aesthetics. This theme includes dark mode and convenient custom pages. However, in the interest of transparency, it is important to note that the theme’s accessibility scores may require improvement. By making the necessary code adjustments, you can enhance the theme’s accessibility to meet your expectations.

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