Answer to frequently asked questions related to Ghost CMS, Themes, Features, Migration and Hosting.

For people who are new to Ghost CMS


What does "Ghost CMS" stand for?

Ghost CMS stands for Ghost Content Management System. It's a modern, open-source platform for building and managing websites, blogs, and online publications.

Who created Ghost CMS?

Ghost CMS was created by John O'Nolan, a former WordPress developer, and Hannah Wolfe, a software engineer. They launched the project on Kickstarter in 2013.

What makes Ghost CMS different from other content management systems?

Ghost CMS is designed to be simple, fast, and user-friendly. It focuses on content creation and presentation, offering a clean and intuitive interface for writers and editors. Additionally, Ghost is built on Node.js, making it more lightweight and faster than many other CMS platforms.

Is Ghost CMS free to use?

Yes, Ghost CMS is an open-source software, which means it is free to use and modify. However, if you choose to use their hosted service, Ghost(Pro), there is a monthly subscription fee.

How do I install Ghost CMS?

You can install Ghost CMS on your own server or use the hosted service, Ghost(Pro). To install it on your server, follow the official installation guide. For the hosted service, sign up at Ghost(Pro)'s website.

Can I use Ghost CMS for e-commerce?

While Ghost CMS does not have built-in e-commerce features, it can be integrated with e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Snipcart using custom themes and integrations.

What kind of websites can I build with Ghost CMS?

Ghost CMS is suitable for various types of websites, including blogs, online magazines, portfolios, and business websites. Its focus on content creation and presentation makes it an excellent choice for any website where content is the primary focus.

Can I use custom themes and plugins with Ghost CMS?

Yes, Ghost CMS supports custom themes, which can be created using its Handlebars templating language. While Ghost does not have a plugin system like WordPress, it offers APIs and integrations that allow you to extend its functionality.

Is Ghost CMS SEO-friendly?

Ghost CMS is designed with SEO in mind. It has built-in features like clean URLs, automatic meta tags, XML sitemaps, and Google AMP support to help improve your website's search engine visibility.

Can I migrate my existing website to Ghost CMS?

Yes, Ghost CMS provides migration tools and guides for importing content from other platforms like WordPress, Medium, and more. Check the official migration documentation for more information.