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Ghost Expert

At Abstract27, we bring support to your Ghost publication. From branding, logo design and illustration, to CMS migration, integrations, theme customisation or custom theme development. We are flexible in our approach, we keep things simple and flexible to your needs.

Ahmad Ajmi

Aspire Themes

A Front-End and Ghost CMS theme developer based in Cairo, Egypt. I left my full-time job at Trustious in 2016. Then I created Aspire Themes to provide simple, well-designed, and functional Ghost CMS themes. My goal is to work on something meaningful. I craft themes that offer value and joy to the people who use them. Seeing my themes used for various purposes by people worldwide makes me proud and happy.

Archie Edwards

Ghost Expert

Iโ€™m a designer & developer in my early twenties, based in the UK. Alongside freelancing, I run a web development agency specialising in building web applications. I love working in the Ghost ecosystem and look forward to helping you create a custom theme, a headless website or an integration.

Dan Rowden

Ghost Expert

Iโ€™m an experienced designer and developer who creates custom Ghost themes or handles theme customisations. Iโ€™ve worked with clients like YouTuber Ali Abdaal, investor Balaji Srinivasan and co-founder of Bleacher Report, Dave Nemetz. Iโ€™m big into the Ghost ecosystem; alongside contract work, I also run a Ghost host, a commenting tool specifically for Ghost and also sell my own Ghost themes.

David Darnes

Certified Expert

Iโ€™m a freelance designer, front-end developer and writer based in Bristol, UK. With over 11 years of professional experience, Iโ€™ve worked with some really exciting companies like Ghost and Envato Tuts+. Iโ€™m available to work with publishers to customise themes, as well as to help set up app integrations and redirects.

Deborah Carver

Ghost Expert

Iโ€™m a content strategist, publisher and SEO expert who uses Ghost for her own website/newsletter. I develop content strategies and training for clients of all sizes, from companies youโ€™ve heard of to independent creators. Whether you want assistance in building your Ghost site from scratch or are seeking actionable content strategies to help your Ghost email & web audience grow long-term, Iโ€™m happy to help.

Frederic Lahme

Ghost Expert

More than ten years ago I started as a communication designer in the advertising industry. Today Iโ€™m the CEO of an IT start-up, freelancing frontend developer and designer. Iโ€™m excited to develop your individual Ghost theme from scratch and let my multidisciplinary experiences contribute. Get in touch and letโ€™s start growing your business.



Find professional premium Ghost themes that are easy-to-use, without compromising the design and code quality.

GBJ Solution


We craft functional and beautiful Ghost themes. Easily build your amazing websites using our premium quality SEO friendly themes. Clutter-free design. Clean readable code. Guaranteed customer support. Making Ghost themes from its early days. Loved by 4500+ happy customers. Received a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

Haunted Themes

Certified Expert

At Haunted Themes, weโ€™ve specialised in developing beautiful, modern Ghost themes for several years. We work with many publishers and creators to help them create successful, branded Ghost publications. We take on projects to customise an existing Ghost theme, or build something entirely new.

Ghost Expert

At, we develop beautifully coded bespoke Ghost websites on time and on budget. We take pride in using latest technologies and best practices to create robust and efficient websites. We are also experienced at using static site generators like Gatsby & Next.js with headless Ghost. Reach out to get a free quote for your project.

The Publisher

Ghost Expert

Weโ€™re the team that manages The Browser, one of the biggest publications on Ghost. We focus on two services: firstly, fast and affordable tweaks to preexisting themes, and secondly, deploying the same industry-standard integrations that we use at The Browser, including version control, referral, custom search, and analytics.

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